The latest color to come from the Ferrari Cavalcade collection is a fascinating shade that the company calls Verde Volterra. It's less of a single hue and more of a gradient that transitions from dark burnt orange to a deep green depending on where you look. 

Vibrant red shades are more commonly associated with Ferraris, but this hue is much more muted. While this is just a rendering, it would probably look striking in the real world because this is such an unusual color for a car from the Prancing Horse. Ferrari says that the shade takes inspiration from the "deep greens and earthy tones" in Tuscany.

Gallery: Ferrari 812 Competizione Verde Volterra

In places where the orange and green tones mix, the car has a golden hue. This is particularly noticeable along the sides of the body.

On this 812 Competizione, there are carbon-fiber accents on the front fascia, hood, A-pillars, and roof. The brake calipers are black. These dark parts make the Verde Volterra color appear even more subdued.


Ferrari will offer Verde Volterra on the SF90 Stradale, SF90 Spider, and 296 GTB. Customers who have an allocation for an 812 Competizione coupe or Aperta can select this shade for their car, too.

The Ferrari Cavalcade collection lets the company offer special color schemes that take inspiration from the annual drive through Italy for the brand's enthusiasts. Verde Volterra is the third in the five-part series.

Previously, the company showed Rosso Taormina on an SF90 Stradale, including on portions of the interior. It's a dark shade of red that's a color close to burgundy. The hue takes inspiration from the "charred slopes of Mt. Etna."

The color Blu Capri was the first to debut in the Ferrari Cavalcade collection. It's a shade of teal with a mix of blue and green hues. The company described it as an "intense, iridescent blue, displaying various nuances inspired by the sea.⁣"

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