There’s something very weird going on on the automotive market - some used cars are more expensive than their respective new versions. This is a phenomenon we don’t see often, though it has a very simple explanation - the industry just can’t deliver as many new cars as the customers want to buy.

This drives the prices on the used car market to a point where they get more expensive than brand new vehicles. The only little difference is that you can receive a used car in a matter of just a few days, while a new car delivery can take up to 12 months, depending on the make, model, specification, and market.

As new market research by iSeeCars confirms, the used car prices are at a record high level. Based on data by the search engine platform, the average one-year-old used car costs 1.3 percent more than an equivalent new car. However, some models cost tens of times more as used cars compared to their versions from the dealer floor. These results are based on asking prices from over 1.5 million new and used cars sold in the United States from January 1, 2022, to January 31, 2022.

It turns out the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is an absolute hit on the used car market in the US. On average, you can buy a one-year-old G-Class right away for 35.6 percent more than the cost of an equivalent brand new G. The Chevrolet Corvette comes second with 20.2 percent more expensive used examples compared to brand new cars. The Tesla Model 3 is third (17.8 percent), followed by the Ford Bronco Sport (16.4 percent), and the Chevrolet Trailblazer (15.6 percent). Below is the list of the Top 10 used cars that are most expensive than new, according to data by iSeeCars.

Top 10 used cars more expensive than new
Rank (By Percentage) Model % used price more than new $ used price more than new
1 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 35.6% $62,705
2 Chevrolet Corvette 20.2% $16,645
3 Tesla Model 3 17.8% $8,300
4 Ford Bronco Sport 16.4% $5,766
5 Chevrolet Trailblazer 15.6% $4,270
6 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 14.8% $5,298
7 Chevrolet Suburban 12.9% $9,106
8 Toyota Tacoma 12.2% $4,530
9 Toyota C-HR 12.2% $3,230
10 Kia Telluride 12.1% $5,552
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