In the realm of motorhomes and adventure vehicles, it isn't always about going big. Sometimes going for small campers or even trailers is the way to go, as long as space is maximized for storage and living space.

Little Guy Trailers has something that fits the category perfectly with its newest product, the Micro Max. Revealed as a prototype over two years ago, the Micro Max Trailer is now being offered to customers looking for a compact camper that's so small, it can fit inside a typical garage.

Gallery: Little Guy Micro Max Trailer

The production form of the Micro Max Trailer is a bit bigger than the prototype. It measures 15 feet, 11 inches long; 6 ft, 8 in wide; and up to 7 ft, 2.5 in tall. It has a tubular steel chassis construction, with Azdel paneling for the sidewalls and roof, which are insulated with block foam. Its body can either come in white or silver paint, adorned with silver and red graphics.

Inside, the Micro Max can seat up to six adults and sleeps up to three. It has a swiveling/rotating table, along with integrated storage cleverly placed throughout the cabin. Cabinets are all made out of hardwood.

Little Guy Trailers throws in plenty of options for electronics, appliances, and plumbing, including an 8-in deep stainless steel kitchen sink. There's a 12.5-gallon fresh water tank and an 8.5-gallon gray water tank.

The company also offers a Solar Package that includes a 110W flexible roof panel with 15A Zamp solar controller. There's also a Touring Package for the rougher outdoors, which adds a 3.5-in axle riser lift kit and a set of 15-in off-road tires.

The whole trailer only weighs 1,785 pounds, which means it can easily be towed by pickups and SUVs/crossovers.

The pricing for the Micro Max trailer isn't listed as of date. But if you're interested, make sure to follow the source link below to send your inquiries.

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