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With a name like Little Guy Trailers, you set yourself up for some strict scrutiny. How “little” is “Little?” someone would scoff, arms folded across the chest. As if prepared for such doubtfulness, all Little Guy would have to do is direct the skeptic to its MicroMax trailer. Its compact design hides its versatility and a surprising number of the amenities you’d need to survive a weekend in the wilderness. 

The Little Guy MicroMax measures 6-feet, 6-inches tall; 16-feet, 3-inches long, and 79-inches wide. Its small footprint is a bit misleading. Inside, there’s just enough room for two. But you wouldn’t be roughing it too much. The MicroMax features generous counter space that wraps around nearly half the trailer. The dinette set folds to reveal the bed. The kitchen has all the essentials, including a fridge, two-burner stovetop, deep-basin sink, and a microwave. There's also a charging station featuring 12- and 110-volt outlets.

The toilet, a porta-potty, is hidden next to the door under the generous counter. The counter folds up and the cabinets below fold to the sides, allowing access. It’s a clever, out-of-the-way-place for the toilet. There’s also a system monitor for the water pump, lights, and gas near the entrance. It comes with an air-conditioning unit and a quick recovery water heater. One thing the trailer is missing is an internal shower. 

According to The Roads We Roam, the projected MSRP is $22,000. There’s an optional, and unpriced, Rough Rider package that includes a two-inch lift, off-road tires, a spare tire, and solar panels. The travel trailer is set to release next year. The Little Guy MicroMax may not be the smallest trailer you can buy. However, its compact design packs a ton of features for those unwilling to forgo a few creature comforts for a smaller design.

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