We're almost two weeks into 2022, and news on the Chevrolet Corvette front has been rather quiet. The first production Z06 will cross the auction block this month at Barrett-Jackson, but the car featured in the auction won't be the actual model the high bidder takes home. That 'Vette won't be built until later this year, possibly on May 9.

That's the rumored date for which Chevrolet will begin production on the 2023 Corvette, according to the Corvette Action Center. The website cites a message from the automaker to dealerships as the source for the information, also stating 2022 production will end on May 6. That leaves just three days for model-year changeover as opposed to approximately two weeks usually seen.

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In addition, the message lists March 24 as the first day for dealers to place 2023 Corvette orders. Motor1.com has contacted Chevrolet to confirm this information and we are awaiting a response. We will update this story when new information is available.

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One thing notably absent in all this Corvette chatter is a specific mention of the Z06. For that matter, the communication doesn't specifically mention Stingray either, though we know both trims will be available in 2023. The Corvette Action Center says dealer allocation for 2023 Corvettes will lump all trim levels together, whereas the Z06 was separate for the previous generation. That suggests Stingray and Z06 production will begin at the same time, but thus far there's no mention of an exact start date for the high-revving supercar.

When production does begin, buyers could have a long wait before climbing behind the wheel. Speculation from at least one dealership claims Z06 demand could result in wait times of three to four years for some orders to be filled. If the rumors regarding Z06 prices starting under $90,000 prove true, it will likely be an extremely sought-after machine.

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