With the 2022 NX, Lexus is introducing a new design for the rear ends of its future models. The crossover was the first production vehicle to lose its Lexus logo at the back and instead receive bold "LEXUS" letters across the boot lid. It turns out, the same treatment will be given to all models. Not just concepts like the LF-30 and LF-Z Electrified, but production models, too.

In an interview with MotorTrend, Brain Bolain, Lexus' global head of marketing, confirmed the change which can be also seen on the tailgate of the new LX. Going forward, all upcoming Lexus products will feature the same lettering at the back, replacing the traditional Lexus logo. Like it or not, better get used to it.

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"We need some way to signify that change is coming to Lexus, and this may seem like a dumb way, but it catches your eye," Bolain told the publication during the Design Miami fair. The change Bolain is referring to is the next chapter in Lexus electrification strategy, which the Japanese brand will enter with its upcoming products. 

You’ll probably be very happy to hear Lexus will also move all its existing and future cars to Toyota’s new infotainment system, which was developed in-house by the automaker. Bolain told MotorTrend Lexus will try to implement it as quickly as possible across the lineup, which basically means the frustrating joystick-controlled infotainment will soon become history.

"There's a very quick window, something like 30 months or so, but we're not waiting for major changes. We're doing it fast," Bolain explained. Depending on the model, the new infotainment system will be available in sizes from 8 to 14 inches with touchscreen functionality, Google Maps-based navigation, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Over-the-air software updates are also in the cards.

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