As a general, unwritten rule, we can separate the barn find vehicles into two categories: cars that are in nearly original condition and cars that need a full restoration. In this new video, we will be dealing with the second type... and we have to admit what you are about to see will probably make you feel sad. 

The video description doesn’t provide much information about the location of this barn find, but from the accents, old road signs, and vehicle number plates, we're quite certain it's somewhere in the UK. (What's more, one of our British colleagues is convinced the host's accent is from the Birmingham / Midlands region, but obviously that doesn't do much to pin down the geography of the find.) 

In the first half of the video, the host of the channel takes us through a forest, which was once a road. There are a few road signs hinting at the situation tens of years ago, and ultimately, we get to see a forgotten granary. A green, nearly driveable Nissan Almera welcomes the team, but it is far from being the most interesting vehicle there.

Once the cameraman gives us a look around, we get to see a few Porsche 911s sitting in silence, and there’s also a blue Porsche 356 in a very sad state. Most of these cars are in right-hand configuration, which tells us they were probably sold new in the United Kingdom. Some have interiors, but some have a lot of rust instead.

But wait, that’s not the most interesting part. A few Jaguars take us to the UK automotive scene where Lotus, Bentley, Aston Martin, Sunbeam-Talbot, and others are also present. 

Even less-common metal can be seen, as well. There's something racy wearing an AC badge, and a clearly identifiable Wolseley II 18/85.

You can even make out a big decal on a trunk lid from a relatively recent vintage rally in Netherlands, the 2004 Tulpen Rally. According to race records, this #65 car is a Renault Clio Williams that, sadly, retired pretty early. 

Honestly, we weren’t able to recognize all of them and we’ll kindly ask you to help us identify some of the rare cars. Let us know what you found and recognized in the comments section below.

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