When you want to see an expensive vehicle with lots of extra stuff tacked onto it, then just wait for Mansory to get ahold of the model. The newly unveiled Rolls-Royce Cullinan Special UAE from the tuner is the perfect example of what the company does.

The Mansory Cullinan Special UAE gets a complete body kit. In front, there's a new front fascia and splitter that visually lower the nose of the crossover. Revised fenders gain upper and lower outlets on each side. Larger side sills accentuate the lower portion of the doors. A spoiler attaches to the roof. The rear bumper has a diffuser with cutouts for dual trapezoidal exhausts on each side.

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Many of the new pieces on the outside have a weird finish that looks similar to granite or marble. Making the exterior of a luxury crossover appear to have stone trim is an odd look.

This specially tuned Cullinan rides on 24-inch wheels with pairs of arched spokes. Small, horizontal pieces connect each set to make them look like a letter A.

Inside, even more of this rocky-looking material is on the steering panel, dashboard, door panels, and sills. A wavy, textured pattern is on the door panels and center console. In the back, the two seats have opposite applications of black and white leather. The one on the passenger side is lighter, and the chair behind the driver is darker. There's an embroidered outline in the shape of the UAE on each headrest.

Mansory's Cullinan Special UAE package also includes powertrain upgrades that push the output to 610 horsepower (455 kilowatts) and 701 pound-feet (950 Newton-meters) of torque. The company doesn't offer details about these tweaks.

Mansory also doesn't offer pricing details for the Cullinan Special UAE. Given that a standard example of the Rolls-Royce crossover starts at over $300,000, you can expect this customized version to be quite pricey.

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