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The Hunter Nature Raptor XC is an intriguing travel trailer with an extendable rear section that increases the living space without making a customer buy a physically larger rig. The name comes from the fact that the camper looks a little like the eponymous dinosaur when the slide-out portion is at full articulation.

The extendable section enlarges the sleeping area from 15.7 feet (4.8 meters) to 22.6 feet (6.9 meters). As standard, an owner has to pull out this portion manually, and an electric motor is optional that can slide it out by pressing a button on a remote control.

Gallery: Hunter Nature Raptor XC Camper

The Raptor XC's exterior and interior panels are aluminum with insulation in between. There's plenty of natural light from the large windows and a panoramic glass panel in the roof that measures 3.35 feet (102 centimeters) by 5.18 feet (158 centimeters).

Hunter Nature understands that people go camping to enjoy nature, so the trailer rides on BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires for getting traction off-road. The standard suspension is a shock and spring for each wheel, but an air suspension is an optional upgrade.

The interior includes a kitchen that has a sink, two-burner cooktop, and a refrigerator with a 19.81-gallon (75-liter) capacity. There's a table with an L-shaped seating area around it. This space can convert to an additional bed that is 2.95 feet (90 centimeters) by 6.23 feet (190 centimeters). The bathroom has a toilet and shower.

The Raptor XC has a 31.7-gallon (120-liter) fresh water tank and a 26.42-gallon (100-liter) waster water tank. There's a 120-amp-hour gel battery and a 160-watt solar cell on the roof.

Hunter Nature doesn't yet have pricing or availability information about the Raptor XC on its site. The company is located in Germany, so North American sales seem unlikely. The business plans to show the trailer at a variety of German RV exhibitions throughout 2022, so more details might come out from these events.

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