Pickup trucks have long been a convenient option for adventurous campers that don't want a dedicated motorhome. An all-in-one solution is to drop a cool camper on the bed for weekends, then use the truck as normal throughout the week. Some folks take it a bit further by eliminating the standard truck bed completely, opting for a flatbed that can better accommodate larger campers.

Such a setup generally requires a custom-built flatbed, but Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV) now offers a bolt-on option called Aluma Tray. Available in 6.75-foot and 8-foot lengths, the flatbed is designed for fullsize three-quarter or one-ton trucks and bolts to OEM locations complete with bushings to minimize vibration, and to allow for some chassis flex. As the name suggests, the deck is made from aluminum and includes built-in taillights, a headache rack, and lower storage compartments beneath the bed. There's also a rear slide-out drawer for additional storage.

Gallery: Aluma Tray Flatbed For Fullsize Pickup Trucks

Photo Credit: Overland Explorer Vehicles

If you desire even more storage and don't need a completely flat surface, OEV offers above-deck side storage that basically mirrors a typical pickup bed design. That allows notched campers to neatly install on the back, and they are removable to accommodate full-width campers. A plethora of other options are offered, including a folding ladder, provisions for a spare tire, gasoline or diesel install kits, and more storage boxes. The bed features numerous tie-down points, and depending on the length, it weighs either 700 or 800 pounds.

The Aluma Tray certainly offers convenience for truck owners seeking a bolt-on option for carrying large campers, but all that aluminum comes at a cost. According to OEV's website, pricing for the Aluma Tray starts at $12,100. Presumably that's for the shorter bed, and there's no mention of cost for the available accessories. But it's hard to argue against the convenience of a bolt-on bed that offers clever storage options with such versatility.


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