The Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept is the latest iteration of the French brand's quirky, cute EV. This one puts an emphasis on traveling by loading lots of luggage into the tiny vehicle.

Compared to other versions of the Ami, this buggy looks a bit more rugged, or at least tougher keeping in mind how adorable this vehicle is. There's a little brush bar and covers over the headlights The roof gains a rack with a light bar and spare wheel. There are also little flares around the fenders. The matte gold wheels are an attractive touch, too.

Gallery: Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept

At first glance, My Ami Buggy Concept doesn't appear to have doors, but this isn't actually the case. The yellow portions along the lower edge of the body swing open to provide easier access into the cabin. While not visible in the press images or promo video, there are removable, transparent curtains that occupants can secure into place if the weather gets bad.

Inside, Citroën creates custom luggage to fit into the small vehicle's nooks and crannies. This includes a bag that mounts into a recessed section of the steering wheel. Another pack fits under the dashboard. More sacks are built into the doors. The rear storage space holds a suitcase.

When it's time to charge, the cable is hidden in a holder that's in the passenger door frame

Citroën says the My Ami Buggy Concept would be a recreational vehicle weekends, holidays by the sea, or traveling through the countryside. It looks like a fun way to get around.

While there's no indication of this concept going into production, Americans should get a chance to drive the standard version at some point. Stellantis' car-sharing service Free2Move intends to offer the Ami as a rental option. Washington D.C. would be the first location to get them.

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