Here in America, we have some really large, intimidating police vehicles roaming the streets, like the Ford Explorer, the Dodge Charger, and the Chevy Tahoe, just to name a few. But on the Greek island of Chalki – a tiny little landmass of only 10-square miles – big SUVs and high-powered sedans don't make much sense. That's why local authorities have teamed up with Citroen for a fleet of some of the most adorable little electric patrol vehicles you've ever seen.

Four Citroen Ami EVs will make their way into the hands of law enforcement – two for the police force and two for the Coast Guard. A pair of E-C4 crossovers and one E-Spacetourer van will join the Municipality of Chalki fleet as well, and an E-Jumpy will be delivered to the Energy Community of Chalki.

Citroen Greek Police Cars
Citroen Greek Police Cars

"We are really glad to collaborate with the Island of Chalki on this exceptional project," said Vincent Cobee, CEO of Citroen. "This collaboration is completely in keeping with the spirit of Citroen, an innovative and daring brand, closely connected with people in their daily lives and their mobility."

The Citroen Ami, for those of you unaware, is a tiny two-door EV with a 5.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack powering the vehicle, which gives it a modest 43.5 miles (70 kilometers) of range and a top speed of just 28 miles per hour (45 kilometers per hour). While it is completely street legal, Citroen designed the Ami almost exclusively for jaunts around town.

The Citroen E-C4 is a more traditional electric crossover, boasting a 50-kilowatt-hour battery pack with 163 hp (120 kilowatts) and a top speed of 93 miles per hour (150 kmh). The Ami, E-C4, and both minivan models should make their way to the streets of Chalki in just a few weeks. Residents should keep their eyes peeled for the lovable little cruisers.

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