The off-road specialists at the German company Delta4x4 take the new Volkswagen T7 Multivan and transform it into a van that's ready to take occupants on a rugged adventure. The rig only exists in renderings right now, but the business intends to make these parts available in the second half of 2022.

To get over rugged terrain, Delta4x4 T7 Multivan has a suspension kit that lifts the van by 1.575 inches (40 millimeters). The pieces include parts from well-known brands like Eibach and Bilstein. The company adds a stainless steel brush gaurd with a black matte finish to protect the front end, and there are lamps on it for better illumination off-road.

Gallery: Volkswagen Multivan T7 By delta4x4

Fender flares add to the rugged look and make room for wider rubber. Delta4x4 plans to offer two choices. The smaller ones have an 18-inch diameter with 255/55R18 Loder AT#1 tires. The other option offers a 20-inch diameter with 275/40R20 tires

The company is also preparing a roof rack for the van. It's a flat panel, and the renderings show a pair of LED light bars at the front. Also, more mounting points would replace the side windows at the back.

A sport exhaust would be available for buyers who want to give the van a more aggressive sound.

The T7 Multivan debuted in June 2021. The general exterior styling is similar to the previous generation but with a more rounded nose, slimmer headlights, and the addition of an extra pillar between the windshield and front doors.

The new generation of the van is available with VW's eHybrid plug-in hybrid that combines a 1.4 TSI engine and electric motor to make a total of 215 horsepower (160 kilowatts). It also has a 13-kilowatt-hour battery. Gasoline- and diesel-fueled internal combustion powerplants are still available, too.

Inside, VW offers a layout with second-row seats that can swivel 180-degrees so that occupants can use a modular, multifunction table between the rows. A panoramic glass roof is also available.

For driving safety, the Multivan is available with lots driver-assist systems. The tech even includes VW's IQ.Drive that combines predictive cruise control and lane-keep assist.

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