In the current market, a Porsche Carrera GT can easily fetch more than $1 million. The bidding on this one is currently at just $362,000, but the pictures clearly show this one is far from in pristine condition.

After checking out the Carrera GT's whole exterior, you can see that the damage isn't too bad. The driver-side front bumper covering is ripped off, revealing the structure underneath. The hood also doesn't appear to fit correctly. The rest of the car appears cosmetically fine.

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Although, we don't know if there's unseen damage to the monocoque, suspension, or any of the other mechanical components at the nose. The photo of the Carrera GT's cabin shows the deflated passenger-side airbag on the dashboard, which hints at a hard collision.

The rest of the car appears to be fine. Other than the deflated airbag, the cabin is in great shape. The instrument cluster still works. Plus, the engine bay appears unharmed by the crash.

The good condition is probably the reason for the high bidding. The new owner could sell pieces like the V10 engine, seats, and the rest of the undamaged components. Or, an existing Carrera GT owner could pick this one up and have a whole lot of spare parts.

The wrecked vehicle auction site Copart is selling this Carrera GT, and the car has a salvage title. The odometer shows 8,384 miles (13,493 kilometers).

Porsche made 1,270 units of the Carrera GT, and it had the internal designation Type 980. The model boasted a 5.5-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine, making it possibly the last supercar from the company not to be electrified. The powerplant made 603 horsepower (450 kilowatts) and 435 pound-feet (590 Newton-meters). The redline was at 8,400 rpm. The only gearbox choice was a six-speed manual.

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