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Ford has formally announced took the wraps off the Bronco DR this month. The DR, which stands for Desert Racer, is the wild Bronco that fans could opt for if they want a hardcore Baja-conquering truck. And while the initial announcement said that production of the limited-run truck will begin in late 2022, a report from Muscle Cars & Trucks says otherwise.

According to Ford Performance Motorsports Global Director Mark Rushbrook, the Bronco DR's production and deliveries will happen through 2023. However, the gist of the MC&T interview revolves around where the production will take place.

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Rushbrook said that the Bronco DR will be built on Canada’s Multimatic Motorsports in Markham, Ontario.

"We’ll pull the (Ford Bronco) frame from the Michigan Assembly Plant and a lot of other production parts that are used but it will be built at Multimatic," Rushbrook told MC&T.

Multimatic hosts the production of the Ford GT that is scheduled to end in 2022. More importantly, the Bronco DR production gives Multimatic the opportunity to enter off-road racing with its new DSSV off-road racing dampers. Yes, the hardcore Bronco won't be using Fox Racing shocks, as announced earlier this month.

The DSSV Dampers comes with 80-millimeter bodies and Multimatic-designed billet aluminum lower control arms. This should give the Bronco DR 55.1 percent more suspension travel in the front and 58.6 percent more in the rear compared to a stock Bronco Badlands.

With a price tag within the $200,000 mark, the non-street-legal Bronco DR is limited to just 50 units, which Rushbrook believes they can sell easily. However, the automaker can do a second run if the market demands so, but expect something different with the second batch. This isn't a guarantee, though, but we won't be surprised if that happens.

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