There's a new Winnebago on the way that's small, easy-to-maneuver, and still packed with features. Called the Solis Pocket, it uses the Ram ProMaster as a foundation for a four-season camper with a full kitchen, two sleeping areas, and a surprising amount of space. It's also the most affordable new Winnebago of them all, though in this case, that still means a starting price of $95,736.

According to Winnebago, inspiration from the Solis Pocket came from the do-it-yourself camper movement. Such home-built machines typically combine a plethora of amenities in clever packaging while maintaining enough room for bicycles, hiking gear, or other items favored by outdoor adventurers. To that end, Winnebago designed the Solis Pocket with a flexible interior that can sleep three people while maintaining a decent amount of storage space. The front table can convert into a sofa as well as a small bed, while a larger two-person Murphy bed stretches out to span the rear of the van.

Gallery: Winnebago Solis Pocket

The kitchen holds station on the passenger side, featuring a stainless steel sink and refrigerator with a two-burner stove and plenty of countertop space. On the driver side, the table area transitions into more storage space that also serves as the mounting point for the Murphy bed, which extends and sits atop the counter for sleeping. A gate at the foot of the bed creates a closed-off storage area underneath, and the gate can also be deployed when the bed is stowed to help secure items between the kitchen counter and the driver-side storage. A cassette toilet is stored beneath the table area, and both front seats pivot rearward.

The Solis Pocket features a pair of 20-gallon tanks for fresh and gray water, and it carries a refillable/replaceable 20-pound LP tank. Power comes from two deep-cycle Group 21 batteries, and for off-grid living, the roof has 170 watts of solar power.

Winnebago says the Solis Pocket should arrive in the fall of 2021.

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