Electric motorhomes aren't new. We've seen London Electric Vehicle Company introduce its first camper van that combines an electric motor with a gas-powered range extender. There's even a Knaus Tabbert electric RV concept from last month that utilizes a rotary engine range extender and no, it wasn't a Mazda. However, both electric motorhomes comes with limited range hence the use of range extenders.

Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc., in collaboration with SylvanSport, wants to take electric motorhomes up a notch by introducing an all-electric RV that offers up to a lot of range... at least in theory.

Gallery: Zeus & SylvanSport All Electric RV

With Zeus' expertise in making a fully configurable class 3-8 electric work truck chassis and SylvanSport's renown as a maker of adventure trailers, outdoor gear and camping accessories, this electric RV joint project seems to be a perfect match.

The motorhome concept isn't named yet, but the joint project aims to offer a new line of all-electric RVs under the codenae "Leading the Charge.” Preliminary specs include all-wheel-drive military grade axles, independent coil spring suspensions at the front and at the back, liquid-cooled permanent magnet AC motors, and a total output of 290 horsepower (217 kW) and 3,000 pound-feet (4,067 Newton-meters) of torque.

The gross vehicle weight rating is at 14,000 pounds, while initial dimensions can go as long as 25 feet, as wide as 12 feet and 3 inches, and as tall as 10 feet.

Meanwhile, battery size wasn't mentioned but a full charge is said to be able to provide up to 400 miles (644 kilometers) of range. That's a lot and if ever you need to charge up, the expected product should come with a Level 2 DC fast charging aboard.

Zeus and SylvanSport plan to reveal their concepts within this year and in 2022, so we're sure some of these numbers will still change by then.

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