The pillars of supercar heaven shook with tremendous force back in early July when Rimac and Bugatti merged to become Bugatti-Rimac. Much has been said about what the future might hold for both brands, but perhaps the most telling information thus far comes straight from Mate Rimac himself.

During the recent events at Monterey Car Week, noted Bugatti collector Manny Khoshbin had occasion to chat with Mr. Rimac on-camera, albeit briefly. The crux of his video (featured above) actually focuses on the Hennessey Venom F5, but the real takeaway from this clip is Rimac revealing an all-new Bugatti already in the works. He says it's completely new from the ground up, and it's actually been under development for the past year. We have the video set to start at the point Rimac shares this juicy information.

He doesn't offer any details on the next-generation Bugatti, but he does go on to say it will likely be shown to Bugatti customers within the next year. Such a reveal is likely for a select few VIPs, but it's still surprising that an all-new Bugatti is well on its way to production. Rimac then says a public debut will probably happen in three years. This discussion between Khoshbin and Rimac ends with Khoshbin addressing the camera directly, saying a "lot of cool stuff [is] coming out" from Bugatti-Rimac. We don't know if he gleaned extra info on the next-gen hypercar, but if he did, he's not sharing.

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This is the first time we've heard a new Bugatti is already well underway, but it's not the first hint of big things coming from the Bugatti-Rimac merger. We recently reported on another interview with Mate Rimac in which he alluded to "something absolutely insane that no one thinks about" with regards to the storied French brand. Is it some kind of ultra-powerful hybrid? A Bugatti SUV perhaps?

For now at least, we're only able to speculate. But at least we know the wheels are already turning for Bugatti's future.

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