The internal combustion engine may be living on borrowed time, but it's not going out without a proverbial bang. American tuner-turned-automaker Hennessey wants to show the ol' ICE still has a lot to prove, even on the dawn of the EV era, and the new Venom F5 promises some staggering technical specifications. A new Mojave Gold example built by the Texas-based company wants to show the hypercar is also a looker rather than just a speed weapon. 

The company doesn't say whether it's a pre-production prototype or a customer car, but we do know it's being showcased alongside another Venom F5 finished in the very same Speed Devil Blue used for the car's debut in December 2020. Production will be capped at 24 units and only a handful are still available for $2.1 million a pop.

There has been quite a lot of controversy surrounding theVenom GT's successor due to its lack of airbags, meaning it can be registered in the United States only with a show and display title. It means owners can drive it for just 2,500 miles (4,023 kilometers) annually and some would argue these limitations don't make it a true competitor for chasing street-legal, production car speed records.

On the other hand, graduating from tuner school to hypercar maker is an impressive feat for Hennessey and we have faith the Venom F5 will hit some impressive speeds. Will it break the 300-mph barrier? It remains to be seen, but the company estimates its 1,817-horsepower V8 machine will hit the 500-km/h mark, so 311 mph is seemingly possible.

We will have to wait a bit more for Hennessey to demonstrate the capabilities of its new Venom F5, and in the meantime, the Mojave Gold and Speed Devil Blue dynamic duo will be showcased on Sunday at Pebble Beach.

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