In case you haven't already heard, the Rimac Nevera is fast. It's insanely fast, and now, it's insanely faster. We've already seen this production-spec electric hypercar outrun everything from a BMW M5 to the Ferrari SF90in a straight line. Now, it outruns itself by beating its own quarter-mile record and yes, it's all done on street tires.

Brooks at DragTimes had occasion to drive the Nevera at California's famous Famoso drag strip, and the session didn't disappoint. The 23-minute video above chronicles his adventures; you can jump to the 16-minute mark if you want to see just the quarter-mile passes, but the build-up is worth watching as well. He's given a thorough walkthrough on the Nevera as well as some seat time from the passenger side for a few drift sessions. He then switches to the driver's seat to get a feel for the 1,914-horsepower (1,427-kilowatt) electric hypercar. Suffice it to say, he's impressed.

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That's not why you clicked this article. You want to see Nevera blow up a drag strip, and it sets an official production car record in grand fashion. All three passes on the video are done on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and actually, the first pass didn't even include a burnout. With cold tires, the Nevera ripped an 8.74 at 165.5 mph and Brooks' reaction to the pass was ... animated. The second pass added a burnout and it definitely helped with grip off the line as the car improved to 8.61 at 167 mph. Arguably more impressive was the 60-foot time of 1.45 seconds; an astounding number for street tires.

The record run was pass number three. A bit more diligence went into the burnout, making sure the tires were nice and warm. With the pedal stabbed, the Nevera achieved a 1.44 60-foot time and went through the traps in just 8.58 seconds with a speed of 167.5 mph. It's not only quicker than previous times from the Nevera, it's a world record for a production car.

It's worth mentioning that, though we only see three passes in the video, an official announcement from Rimac further explains that 11 passed were made through the day in quick succession. All used the standard Michelins that come on ever Nevera.

"This was our first test on a VHT (glued) surface, so we did not know what to expect," said  Miroslav Zrnčević, Rimac development and test driver. "At first we were hitting less than expected quarter-mile times than we did on a normal, non-prepped surface in Europe. The track temperature was 65 degrees Celsius and we had to do some adjustments. Our traction control learns the surface on each run and adjusts the torques on the wheels."

Of course, only a select few people will have the chance to own a Nevera. Production is slated for 150 models and with a cost of around $2 million each, you won't see them out and about very often. But if you do, know that you probably don't stand a remote chance of keeping up with the driver in a contest of speed.

"After some adjustments and different tire warm-up strategies we managed to get better results," explained Zrnčević. "Brooks helped with his experience of staging the car and we managed to set the world record for the fastest accelerating production car and also beat our own quarter-mile record. Still, we are confident that the Nevera has much more to give and that we can go even quicker with more experience and testing on this kind of surface. We will be back."

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