By now, you shouldn't be surprised by the phrase "electrification is the future." It's already happening, to the point that demand for hybrid and electric vehicles is continuously on the rise worldwide.

With electrification set in, it seems like diesel fuel is at the short end of the stick. Brands have announced their moves to veer away from oil burners recently. In fact, in September 2020, the demand for hybrid and electric vehicles outstripped the demand for diesel-powered vehicles in Europe for the first time.

But apart from developing clean diesel engines to meet emission requirements, what if automakers begin developing diesel hybrids?

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That's the latest report coming from Japan, courtesy of Best Car Web, with Toyota at the center of the rumor mill.

According to the website, Toyota plans to expand the number of hybrid-equipped vehicles as soon as possible as we enter the next decade. While that isn't much of a surprise, among the powertrains being allegedly developed by the Japanese automaker is a hybrid diesel-electric. It will likely be installed off-road 4x4 machines and commercial vehicles, the report stipulates.

With that said, it's expected that all Toyota vehicles in Japan will be hybrids, including vans, light trucks, and commercial vehicles.

Before we dive into any conclusion, let's take a step back and consider that these aren't confirmed reports at this point. A Toyota diesel-electric hybrid powertrain may or may not happen, and our guesses are aligned at this point.

However, the idea of a diesel hybrid powertrain isn't so bad at all in terms of efficiency and torque requirements. With applications on Toyota's off-roading vehicles like the Tundra or the Land Cruiser, a hulking, electrified oil-burner with instantaneous torque shouldn't be a shabby proposition.

Then again, let's all keep an ear to the ground for further developments, especially weird ones like Toyota USA showing how diesels work.

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