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On Monday, Jeep tweeted out a cryptic image of a trail sign with a vintage-looking off-roader, an arrow pointing to its rear, and the number 40.4. Speculation has been running wild ever since as people wonder what exactly Jeep is teasing. Well, there’s yet another cryptic teaser that does little to clear up the company’s intentions, though the tweeted image does add to the ongoing mystery.

The new tweet shows off the rear of a Wrangler with a license plate-like sticker on the bumper reading “47.7.” What does it mean? Your guess is as good as ours, though it could mean an assortment of things, especially considering all the extra numbers associated with off-roading. However, they could be related to something less exciting. The two numbers could indicate a larger battery and more all-electric range for the hybrid-powered Wrangler 4xe. Whatever Jeep is doing is will make a big difference.


The two numbers are certainly shrouded in mystery and could represent a host of things on the Jeep. For example, the pair could indicate the SUV is getting revised departure, approach, and breakover angles, or maybe it’s a new fording depth, though both seem quite deep for the Wrangler’s size. There’s a wide array of things Jeep could be developing that involve the two cryptic numbers, and we’ll continue to guess until Jeep releases something official.

Production for the Ford Bronco has finally started, meaning the Wrangler will have a proper competitor out on the roads very soon. So, it’s no surprise Jeep is eager to steal Ford’s thunder as the Blue Oval has struggled to get the Bronco into production, missing several self-imposed deadlines to begin deliveries. We don’t know what Jeep is readying, but with a new competitor in town, Jeep is clearly working on something. Hopefully we’ll know what soon enough.

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