Catalytic converter theft has become a problem, not only in the US but globally as well. But do know how easy it is to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle?

A CCTV footage from Washington shows just that, as released by the Pierce County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) Twitter account. In the video, which you can watch in the embedded tweet below, you can see two men getting out of a white Acura TL and jumping under a Ford F-250 to take out the precious catalytic converter.


The whole process took only less than a minute, including getting back to the getaway vehicle and speeding away, all done under broad daylight. It was pretty quick and fearless; the police said that the thieves used battery-operated saws to cut the catalytic converter off the poor truck.

The sheriff's office is still trying to identify the thieves, even offering cash rewards to anyone who can provide information.

For the uninitiated, there's a high cost involved in making catalytic converters, which include expensive elements such as palladium and rhodium. This has led to increased theft as criminals see the opportunity with these pricy parts.

Catalytic converter theft has become a problem in the state of Washington as seen in previous reports, while California experiences the same issue. The theft rate in LA County by 400 percent from 2019 to 2020, with a recent bust happening last March for recovered catalytic converters valued at around $750,000.

In fact, car brands are starting to offer ways to fight catalytic converter thefts. One example is Toyota. While more modern Toyota and Lexus vehicles are typically not targets of catalytic converter thefts because of their differing design, the automaker is offering a tracking kit for older models to combat the problem in the UK. Toyota is also working with local authorities to help track down these thieves.

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