When the Ford Evos was unveiled during the 2021 Auto Shanghai in April this year, everyone rushed to conclude the model previews the replacement of the Fusion in North America and Mondeo in Europe. However, Ford Product Communications Manager Mike Levine was quick to announce on Twitter that “Evos is for customers in China only” and “there are no current plans to offer it elsewhere.” It seems that this wasn’t exactly accurate.

A new batch of spy photos takes us to Germany where our spies caught a Ford prototype testing with its production body. The car looks very similar in profile to the Evos and the front fascia design matches the look of the car that debuted in China. However, there are differences to the body from the B-pillar back with the test car showing a more sedan-like shape compared to the Evos.

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The prototype also looks to sit a little lower to the ground than the said model for the Chinese market, hinting at potential changes to the suspension under the sleek body. It also looks slightly longer, though this might be just a visual illusion given the trial car’s sedan-like profile at the back.

Other notable features include the pop-out door handles and the sizable GPS shark fin antenna on the roof. An exhaust is clearly visible at the back, indicating this is not a fully electric vehicle. More likely, this prototype is powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain shared with the Escape / Kuga, though this is just an assumption for now.

If we have to be honest, we had the feeling that Ford is playing a game of words with Levine’s rejection. This prototype spied in Europe strongly suggests the automaker is working on a version of the Evos for other markets, and it could receive a different moniker. Technically, this makes Levine’s statement correct but that doesn’t mean a similar machine won’t be sold outside China.

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