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Customization of Porsche vehicles isn't exactly new for the automaker. As early as 1955, Phe German marque has been receiving requests from its customer to add or alter something in their cars – a very common thing among luxury vehicle buyers. 

But recently, Porsche announces the expansion of its Exclusive Manufaktur program, along with the Tequipment and Classic divisions. This gives more options to its affluent customers who wish to get the exclusivity and privilege of owning a one-off sports car from Stuttgart.

Want a unique Porsche 911? You got it.

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To do this, Porsche has extended the range of products and services in the divisions, to the point that a customer vehicle can be turned into a unique, bespoke one-off. This is an interpretation of the Sonderwunsch program, which literally translates to "special request," Porsche's customization from the '70s.

Options like exterior wrap options, individual starting numbers, prints on the floor mats, illuminated door entry guards, and logo projectors in the vehicle doors are on the table, turning customers to designers themselves during the ordering process.

The personalization also extends to used vehicles, as well as customizations for off-road purposes. Through Tequipment, Porsche also offers numerous accessory products and retrofit options for individual customer vehicles. In the area of classic vehicles, Porsche is currently focusing on spare parts supply and factory restorations.

Of course, there are limitations such as taking design inspiration from other automakers. Porsche promises to evaluate every request but as long as it's sensible, it's possible.

With regards to the dangers of the existence of replicas, Porsche said that it will archive every one-off request and keep them in the database. If you want to verify a Porsche vehicle that's widely customized, verification is just one phone call away.

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