Is the stock Audi RS Q8 too tame for you? Well then take a look at this modified RS Q8 with a full exhaust system and tell us you’re not interested. The stock Audi RS Q8 does a fantastic job being a comfortable luxury SUV that’s also capable of blitzing the Nürburgring at ridiculous speeds. So, what are customers who want even more drama and performance supposed to do? It’s time to check out the huge selection of tunes and aftermarket parts.

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The Audi RS Q8 featured in today’s video has a setup of light mods that have made a massive impact on the super SUV’s performance and presence. First, the stage 2 Tune from increased the output of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to a staggering 760horsepower (566 kilowatts) and 781 lb-ft (1060newton meters) of torque. This additional power is good for a 0-100kmh(62mph) time of only 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 205mph (330km/h).

In addition to the performance gains the owner of this Audi RS Q8 did some serious work on the exhaust system. The video states all filters are removed from the exhaust which really improves the sound. We can only assume the filter removal included the exhaust particular filters used in Europe but maybe left the catalytic converters in place to keep the super SUV legal for reading use.

With a slightly louder exhaust and more powerful engine, the RS Q8 just got even more exciting which we didn’t know was possible. The extra power makes the RS Q8 supercar quick while the exhaust adds drama and excitement missing from the stock SUV. If you like exhaust backfires and acceleration that sucks you into your seat you need a modified RS Q8 just like this.

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