Patience is a virtue, but it's certainly tough to wait for something as exciting as a new vehicle. That's what prospective buyers for the new Ford Bronco are are feeling these days, but waiting they are. Not only that, new statistics Ford shared with show these folks are loyal, too.

First and foremost, Ford tells us everything is on schedule for the new Bronco to enter production this spring. Volume production for both two-door and four-door models at the Michigan Assembly Plant will begin in a matter of weeks. That's good news for buyers who already committed to the off-roader, and on that front, Ford says there are a lot of them.

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"With our first batch of reservations-to-orders converted, Bronco brand is seeing extremely strong momentum," said Jiyan Cadiz, Ford Icon communications manager. "Of the more than 125,000 orders we’ve collected since January, our customers are going for it – with more than 70 percent selecting the more premium Bronco 2- and 4-door series, and more than 60 percent opting for the more powerful twin-turbo EcoBoost engine."

The Bronco starts under $30,000 in Base trim, but Ford says the higher trims from Outer Banks on up account for most sales. Outer Banks in two-door form starts at $39,000, but the range-topping model – for this first year only – is the First Edition starting at $57,410. A quick look at Ford's customer-facing website tells us First Edition reservations are full, making the $46,980 Wildtrak the official Bronco flagship. That is, at least until the hardcore Bronco Warthog arrives.

Ford ultimately collected over 190,000 Bronco reservations. With more than 125,000 confirmed as sales, that translates to a conversion rate of nearly 66 percent. Considering all the COVID-related issues throughout the auto industry – including supply problems affecting the Bronco directly – that's an impressive figure and indicative of just how eager off-road buyers are for a Jeep Wrangler competitor.

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