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In Mercedes-Benz's latest teaser for the upcoming EQS electric sedan, the brand confirms that the model goes on sale in August. The smaller EQE and crossover variants of the EQS and EQE "will follow soon," according to the company. All of these models ride on a scalable architecture that is adaptable in terms of wheelbase, track, and system components like the batteries. 

The new EQS teaser focuses on the charging infrastructure for the EV through the Mercedes Me Charge initiative. At the supported sites, owners will simply hook up their car to the charge, and the process will begin. There won't be any necessary authentication.

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There will be over 500,000 supported Mercedes Me Charge locations worldwide, including over 200,000 of those being in Europe. All of these locations will support integrated payments that will automatically debit the owner's selected method without fumbling without needing to input any info at the charging site.

The EQS' navigation system will tell owners whether a site supports Mercedes Me Charge. Folks will also be able to check things from an app.

When using the Mercedes Me Charge locations in Europe, the automaker will ensure that each time an owner plugs in an equivalent amount of electricity from renewable resources will go into the grid. This will become the case in the USA and Canada after the EQS goes on sale there.

The EQS will be capable of over 435 miles (700 kilometers) of range in the WLTP test. Earlier teasers showcase its high-tech interior with the Hyperscreen infotainment display that puts three screens into a massive bezel that spans the entire width of the dashboard.

The EQS won't look anything like the current S-Class. It will have a smooth shape with a rounded roofline and will have short overhangs at both ends. The teardrop shape will help the sedan cut through the air more efficiently.

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