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Over 12 years ago, Pagani gifted the world with the production version of the Zonda R – a track-exclusive supercar that shared its heart-thumping AMG engine with the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. It was the ultimate Pagani you can't drive on the road.

Pagani is up to reveal a successor to the Zonda R, and we're seeing its silhouette as seen from the rear in the automaker's latest teaser, posted over on Facebook with the caption:

"Today, roughly 13 years later we're about to write a new chapter of this journey... stay tuned."


While not explicitly mentioned, this upcoming Pagani is more likely the Huayra R – originally announced in October 2020 by Horacio Pagani himself. Like its predecessor, the Huayra R is the track-only version of the mighty Pagani Huayra.

As seen in the image above, it looks like the Huayra R will be coming with a massive wing at the rear, spanning the shoulders to maximize downforce. It will more likely be complemented with other aero bits as with all circuit-going Paganis.

Information about the Huayra R is scarce at this point, but the latest teaser coming from Italy showed the supercar's engine (the R logo is a dead giveaway), along with its glorious V12 soundtrack screaming in the background.

According to previous reports, the Pagani Huayra R will arrive with a normally-aspirated AMG V12 that will produce over 900 horsepower and rev beyond 9,500 rpm. On the contrary, Pagani won't be completely dropping the twin-turbo V12 from AMG, confirmed through an agreement with AMG that will use the setup until 2026.

We're not entirely privy as to when Pagani will finally reveal the Huayra R to the world, but we're guessing it won't be long considering the teasers we've seen so far. For the handful of customers waiting for their latest million-dollar track toys, that wait shouldn't be a problem.

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