The Pagani Huayra is among the most unique and sought-after hypercars in the world. With its glorious AMG-sourced twin-turbo V12, and buffet of custom design details, the Italian exotic is already wonderfully unique. But when one of Pagani’s preferred clients came asking for an even more exclusive example of the Huayra, the automaker obliged and created this one-off build with French designer Hermés.

Real estate mogul and YouTuber Manny Khoshbin details the design with Pagani and Hermés in a video posted to his channel, explaining the creation process from inception to final product. Khoshbin first approached the famed fashion brand in 2015 with the desire to use its renowned high-quality leather in a hypercar - specifically, a Pagani Huayra. After consulting with Pagani in Italy, an agreement was reached and the multi-year design process began. In this case. Pagani relinquished some control over the car’s construction and allowed Hermés to collaborate on some key material choices.

Though the car initially started with a black and red color palette, the owner eventually decided on the Huayra's final look: dark brown paint over a bespoke Hermés caramel leather interior. The same leather and stitching that lines the renowned handbags cover the Huayra’s innards, contrasting Pagani’s exceptional carbon fiber work. Other noteworthy details include the brown carbon fiber sections, Hermés-badged shift lever, and intake grates comprised made to represent the designer’s “H” logo. There is also a custom luggage set that was made exclusively for this car, made to match the seats and other major interior components.

While the design may be slightly over-the-top for some, it exemplifies that lengths that hypercar makers like Pagani are willing to reach in order to satisfy their clients. And if the interior design choices don’t do it for you, the V12’s cold start noises (10:20 in the video) definitely will.

Source: Manny Khoshbin YouTube

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