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The much-anticipated GMC Hummer EV SUV finally debuts on April 3. The countdown to see the electric vehicle finally ends on 4/3/21 (get it?).

The design takes the existing Hummer EV pickup and encloses the cargo bed to create an SUV. A full-sized spare wheel attaches to the rear, and it looks like users would swing this section out of the way before being able to access the hatchback


While the teaser only shows the GMC Hummer SUV in silhouette, but the image from a recent presentation (below) offers a slightly better look at the vehicle. It retains the thick C-pillar from the pickup version but with a longer roof and extended bodywork above the rear fender.

At the front, the Hummer EV SUV at the presentation appears to have a different lower fascia than the pickup. The lighting makes the details difficult to see, but the openings near the tow hooks look larger.


Mechanically, there's no indication that the SUV is going to be different than the pickup. It's still the same platform, and the changes to the body shouldn't affect the ability to use the identical motors and batteries.

The interior should be very similar, too. By enclosing the rear area, we wonder whether the Hummer EV SUV might offer three rows of seating because of the increased cabin volume. The removable roof panels should still offer open-air motoring when the weather is right.

It's not clear when the Hummer EV SUV might go on sale following the April debut. The Edition 1 of the pickup arrives this fall, and the EV3X variant doesn't hit the market until a year later. With this timeframe, the SUV could go into dealers between the two versions of the truck, so that GMC can keep up interest in the brand's new EV.

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