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Mercedes-Benz is really stretching out the launch of the EQS electric sedan as long as it can, but in a new teaser video, the company offers a more extensive view of the four-door's interior and Hyperscreen infotainment system. The clip is in German but should automatically load with English subtitles. If not, then click the CC button on the lower right.

The video focuses on Mercedes' futurist Kai Jardner, Head of Interior Design Hartmut Sinkwitz, and expert for user experience Nina Hallier. They each host a segment explaining what makes the EQS' interior so revolutionary. Although, just showing more of it would go a long way towards making that point because the Hyperscreen display doesn't look like anything else currently in production.

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Jardner is thinking about the company's grand tech strategy, like how people live with a machine that's capable of learning or what a concept like responsible luxury means. Folks like Sinkwitz and Hallier are actually implementing those ideas into real-world vehicles.

Sinkwitz is more concerned with crafting a cabin that maintains Mercedes' legacy of luxury while also creating something modern. A vehicle like the EQS is also an opportunity, though, because his team can start with a blank sheet of paper to make something completely different than just evolving what already exists.

Hallier's challenge is making the Hyperscreen easy to use. It needs to be high-tech, yet also intuitive that feels natural to interact with. That's a tall order given this cutting-edge system's sophistication.

The EQS should have a full debut soon because Mercedes intends to begin production in the first half of the year at its Factory 56 facility. There aren't too many technical details yet, but Mercedes says the EV has a range over 435 miles in the WLTP test, so the EPA number should be a bit lower.

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