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It’s no secret by now that Ford is bringing back its Maverick pickup truck. Ever since the name resurfaced a couple of years ago, Blue Oval fans have been brimming with excitement. Ford Authority recently reported that the base-level pickup in the American automaker’s starting lineup will cost you less than $20,000.

To offer some perspective, the sub-$20k price puts the Maverick at roughly $4,000 less than the starting Ranger – about the same gap separating the mid-size truck from its F-150 counterpart. The resurrection of the classic callsign might also herald a light off-road–ready Timberline version of the barebones machine.

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Keeping with smaller unibody pickups, we’d be remiss not to mention that the Maverick is set to be offered with four doors only – without the option for a Regular Cab or Super Cab. This is a big deal with the equivalent Ford Ranger setting you back around $27,220 before destination. Having said that, the lowest model is lacking in certain critical areas.

As we’d wager that the majority of people looking at these trucks will spend most of their time on paved roads, the bog-standard Mav comes set up with front-wheel-drive and twist-beam rear suspension. Obviously, there are plans for an all-wheel-drive variant with a sophisticated independent setup – similar to the design used on the Bronco Sport and Escape – but it will eliminate much of the price gap between the two trucks. 

Details remain sparse, and we hope that the pickup still lives up to the company's "Built Ford Tough" mantra. Slated to arrive by spring for the 2022 model year, customer deliveries will likely commence by the end of the year.

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