The Ford Maverick was so popular that the Blue Oval had to pause the ordering for the 2022 model year so that it could fulfill backlogged orders. It's compact, which is perfect for city streets, but that doesn't mean that its owners won't want to go camping with their pickup.

However, the Maverick's 4.5-foot bed is too short to sleep in so the only solution is to bring a standalone tent that you need to manually erect near your parking spot, or take Go Fast Campers (GFC)'s solution – a lightweight pop-top tent called the GFC Platform Camper.

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The solution is simple – bolt on a camper on the short bed with a sleeping area that go over the Maverick's roof. And since it's a pop-top tent, similar to the SuperLite rooftop tent for the Ford Bronco, the camper only adds 6.5 inches to the total height (above the antenna). This makes for a pretty compact camper, with a 50 x 90-inch sleeping area and an additional 255 pounds (116 kilograms) of weight.

GFC claims that this is the most spacious camper available for the Maverick, also claimed to be the lightest, strongest, most durable, and most practical. It's using a downsized aluminum space frame (compared to GFC's other platform campers), along with machined-from-billet components, lift panels, embassy hinges, modular floor, and T-track load halo.

When equipped, the bed still accommodates gear and other stuff necessary for camping, which can include a refrigerator. The video above should demonstrate how the pop-top camper works, including how you can get into the tent without the need for a ladder.

Most importantly, the GFC Platform Camper for the Maverick only sells for $7,700, which, when added to the truck's price, isn't much. Of note, if using the base Maverick XL Hybrid, you can get a hybrid 37-MPG (combined) compact truck camper for just around $28,695, plus the $1,495 destination charge.

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