Ferrari and Zagato aren't often associated with one another. The noted coachbuilder has a long history of design involving a variety of brands, with Aston Martin arguably being the best-known among them. Perhaps that's why this exceptionally rare Ferrari 599 GTZ Nibbio Spyder exudes an Aston Martin aura, but it's pure Prancing Horse beneath the silver skin. And you can buy it in February through RM Sotheby's auction in Paris.

According to the auction listing, the car started life as a 2009 Ferrari 599 GTB, and actually, it spent the vast majority of its life as such. It was originally sold in Switzerland and accumulated 12,490 miles before Zagato entered the scene. Though it's a 2009 model, the conversion is actually very recent, going to Zagato in January 2020 for its custom body and covering just 497 miles since then. Only six Nibbio Spyders were made and each is a different color. In other words, you won't see another car like this one anywhere in the world.

Gallery: 2009 Ferrari 599 GTZ Nibbio Spyder Zagato

Photos Credit: RM Sotheby's

Compared to the somewhat angular lines of the standard 599, the GTZ Nibbio Spyder adopts a softened, organic shape punctuated by a large grille in front. At the back, parallel arches extend rearward from the seats, paying homage to the double-bubble roof found on hardtop conversions. And it's impossible to talk about this car without mentioning its insanely cool taillights. Just be careful around them, because we hear they are quite expensive to replace.

Then again, the entire car is quite expensive. The 599 GTB was around $300,000 brand new, but when this Ferrari crosses the auction block with RM Sotheby's in February, it will almost certainly command considerably more coin. Back in 2018, we saw a hardtop version listed for sale at $1.5 million, though it was also the only such conversion to feature a manual transmission. Still, with just six GTZ Nibbio Spyders built, a seven-figure bid certainly isn't out of the question.

Any guesses as to what it might bring?

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