A "Swiss Made" car is not exactly a common thing, given that someone could count Swiss manufacturers in the history of automobiles on their fingers and toes. But now there is a person who wants to revive the idea of the Swiss car, and it is Stefano Picasso, founder of Picasso Automotive. Here are the first images of his new Picasso PS-01.

What the company refers to called "the craziest carbon fiber car ever" seems to have what it takes to join the shortlist of modern, artisanal . The photos show off the prototypes that are in development in Lugano, Switzerland.

All Carbon Fiber

The body has a 10.5-feet (3.2-meter) long carbon fiber panel that is allegedly the longest ever on a car using the lightweight material. In addition, the rear subframe is entirely carbon, and the piece uses engineering inspiration from LMP2 endurance cars. The use of composites keeps the weight down to 1,984 pounds (900 kilograms).

Gallery: Picasso PS-01

The teaser images of the Picasso PS-01 show a compact and sinuous coupe with a mid-mounted engine. The first example of the supercar will face its first track tests shortly and will be completed by spring 2021.

Italian Heart

The list of technical partners involved in the development of the Picasso PS-01 is very long. The company isn't revealing the engine yet, but it's apparently a twin-turbo V6 from "of the most famous Italian cars" making around 600 horsepower.

Picasso PS-01

Sadev contributes the gearbox, and Sabelt provides the seats. Carbo Brake issues the stoppers, and the suspension comes from Öhlins.

A Mix Between Switzerland And Italy

To give life to the next Picasso PS-01, the company has an international investor, and there are already a couple of orders. The business has a strategy that it defines as "Swiss precision, Italian imagination and world technology."

Picasso PS-01

Launching a new automaker is difficult, but Picasso is trying to establish itself as a small and tenacious company that can build limited-run sports cars and supercars with a focus on an impressive power-to-weight ratio in the segment.

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