Yes, you've read that headline correctly. Ford in Spain is currently employing a one-of-a-kind deal on the 2021 Explorer, handing out one of the most anticipated game consoles today for free.

For each purchase of the Blue Oval midsize crossover, the automaker bundles a Sony PlayStation 5 with it, and it will run until March 31, 2020, or until supplies last. For context, the Ford Explorer starts at 79,350 euros (without discounts) for the Spanish market or around $97,200 with the current exchange rates.

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Thinking about it, the Ford Explorer and the PS5 share several things. The three-row crossover is pegged as a family vehicle, while the game console is, of course, something that families will enjoy, supposedly.

Moreover, both the PS5 and the Explorer have been a long time coming. The crossover's predecessor in Spain was sold twenty years ago – that's fairly a long time, as is the wait for the PS5. The last generation of the Sony game console, the PS4, was sold seven years ago worldwide. Of note, the PS5 went on sale on November 19, 2020 in Spain, but all of the stocks have been depleted upon launch. There's another batch shipped to the European country but all of which have been accounted for through online stores.

Sony reinforces its collaboration with Ford with this deal. According to the tech firm, it shares the "motivation to create innovative products designed to improve and make people’s lives more exciting."

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As mentioned, the deal only applies until supplies last. No official details as to how many PS5 units will be given away but if you're interested and you're on that side of the world, you better get moving.

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