High-end home audio gets a Bugatti badge.

Bugatti is known for its high-end exclusivity, and the bespoke automaker is bringing that luxury inside the home. Today the French hypercar maker announced that it has partnered with Tidal Audio to introduce a new line of premium home audio speakers, beginning with the Royale range.

Tidal allows customers to customize their speakers, just like Bugatti allows its customers to razzle-dazzle their hypercars in various veneers and finishes. Royale customers will be able to specify various materials used on the speaker, with carbon fiber, leather, precious metals, dark aluminum, fabrics, and polished stainless steel available. The speaker is available with one of two themes – its Monocoque or Duotone cabinets. Piano finishes are available, or customers can follow the customization route.

Gallery: Bugatti Royale Speakers By Tidal Audio

The Bugatti logo also adorns the spear, appearing low on the unit in curved, polished stainless steel. “Tidal for Bugatti” is branded on the back. The Royale speaker stands 56.6 inches (144 centimeters tall) and weighs 352 pounds (160 kilograms). Each comes with four long-throw subwoofers and two front woofers with aluminum diaphragms. The Royale also features one high-efficiency diamond tweeter and one high-efficiency ceramic midrange driver, though customers can upgrade the latter to a diamond one.

Tidal will also offer two limited-edition versions of the Royale speaker – Edition Blanc and Edition Noire. One is all white while the other is finished in black with black stainless steel. Tidal will only make 30 total, 15 of each edition.

Bugatti’s new home speakers follow other automakers in the premium home audio space. Over the last several years, Porsche and Lamborghini have introduced their own home speakers, which recreated an aspect of vehicular design. Even Pirelli offered its own speaker in the shape of the tire. Bugatti’s is different, adopting a much more domestic design that doesn’t draw unnecessary attention to itself as a vehicular-inspired piece of home décor.

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