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A Porsche Macan got stuck in Morocco during a press event, but was eventually rescued by a more humble Dacia Duster.

Comparing the rudimentary Dacia Duster with the premium Porsche Macan would be quite the stretch but when it comes down solely to off-roading capabilities, the situation changes drastically. During a press event organized by Porsche in Morocco for the new Macan, the car got stuck during some light off-roading but the situation was saved by the pre-facelift Romanian SUV.

The baby Cayenne then resumed tackling the bumpy and rocky road without any other incidents, but this should serve as a big red flag for Porsche and next time they should bring a second car in case it happens again. It's not really a big problem for Porsche because Macan buyers will rarely take the crossover where there's no asphalt.

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