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We've heard countless stories about people finding interesting items in thrift stores. Things like a signed copy of a Hemingway book, or a slightly used wallet with sterling pound bills stowed away in its secret compartment – those were just a few. These things make the flea market popular wherever you are in the world right now.

But a thrift store in Estonia called Insect may have the best flea find yet – a pristine-looking, left-hand-drive DMC DeLorean that's ready to go back to the future.

Gallery: DMC DeLorean For Sale At Estonian Thrift Shop

Discovered by Geenius, the Insect thrift shop is located in Kuressaare, Saaremaa, the biggest island in Estonia. The DeLorean for sale is positioned right at the backend of the store near the counter, isolated like a museum piece.

While the condition of the pop culture icon is unknown, the photos provided to the European publication show us a pristine-looking example. We just hope that it still runs, though, since it's asking for 55,000 euros or around $65,000 with the current exchange rates – not exactly the amount of money you'll spend on a flea market run.

DeLoreans aren't necessarily hard to find. DMC currently sells refurbished units of the stainless steel car, with some of the units having a mileage that go as low as 723 miles. The prices weren’t displayed on the DeLorean website, though, so you might want to contact the company for more information.

Other used car sellers we found on the interwebs price the DMC-12 from below $20,000 to around $99,000, depending on the condition and mileage, so this European example is right around the ballpark. It's just really weird to find it inside a thrift shop.

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