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Hot on the heels of getting spy shots of the next-gen 2022 Toyota Tundra, there new photos from a special event that's likely for showing the truck to dealers. The pictures are fairly low quality, but they provide uncamouflaged views at the much-anticipated pickup.

The first shot is of the front corner of the truck. The headlight is visible in the upper corner and a sideways T-shaped lamp for the running lights. Below it, there's an inlet between the main part of the grille and the outer edge of the fender. Horizontal foglights are located below the grille.


The next images are blurry but show the front end with all the lights on. The shot reveals that there's also a light strip underneath the Toyota emblem in the grille. The truck looks like it is going to be easily visible at night with all of this illumination.

There's also a glimpse at the rear. Bracket-shaped taillights point outward from the vehicle. There might be individual lights on the tip of the tailgate, but it's hard to tell because of the blurry image.

The new Tundra reportedly doesn't get a V8 engine. Instead, there would be a twin-turbo V6. It's not currently clear whether this powerplant would come exclusively as a hybrid, or whether the mill would get electrification as an option.

In spy shots, Toyota is being careful to put a skirt on the Tundra development vehicles that conceal the rear axle and suspension. The company might be hiding some big changes back there.

The 2022 Tundra rides on Toyota's new F1 platform for body-on-frame vehicles. We don't have extensive details about it yet, but the company is engineering it to make sure these products can take advantage of electrified powertrains.

The current info suggests that the 2022 Tundra goes on sale in December 2021. Although, these images suggest the company has no problem showing off the truck to some folks.

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