The 2022 BMW M5 CS has been a long-time coming. We've seen it a number of times in spy photos plus reports about the upcoming high-octane sedan have been around for quite a while. In fact, we reported that M5 CS parts already came up for sale in Poland, albeit unofficially,  even before its reveal – kind of awkward, we know.

In any case, the M5 CS's design isn't the biggest news in its arrival. As a performance model, we can expect more things from the sedan that can help it perform better on track. Although, don't expect a power bump as reports have stated that it will have 617 horsepower as the M5 Competition.

Gallery: BMW M5 CS Spy Video

To showcase the 2022 M5 CS's performance on the track, YouTube's sport auto took a prototype on exclusive testing (video embedded atop this page). The limited-run M5 performed well, lapping the Hockenheim-GP in 1 minute and 53.6 seconds, just below the 992-generation Porsche 911 Carrera S on sport auto's tests with test driver Christian Gebhardt at the helm.

But apart from showcasing the M5 CS's performance, we've noticed one tidbit from the video that could hint at something greater. At around the 0:41 mark, you'll see the map of Nürburgring etched on the headrest. This could hint at another Green Hell record, we reckon.

The BMW M5 isn't a stranger to 'Ring records. To recall, the performance version of the BMW 5 Series set a record at Nordschleife back in 2018, lapping the German track in 7:38:92 – also in the hands of sport auto's test driver Christian Gebhardt.

We'll know more about this development as we inch closer to the M5 CS's reveal in the weeks or months to come. It's expected to be revealed quite soon since recent reports reveal that production will start in March 2021.

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