The march of horsepower continues from team Dodge, with a little help from FCA's Mopar parts group. Earlier this year we were introduced to the Dodge Challenger Super Stock, packing an 807-horsepower version of the infamous supercharged Hellcat Redeye V8. Now, that mill is available through Mopar as a crate engine, known officially as the Hellcrate Redeye.

“2021 marks the year that Dodge is distilled to a pure performance brand with 700-plus horsepower models available across the entire Dodge lineup,” said Tim Kuniskis, FCA's global head of passenger cars for Dodge in North America. “The new 807-horsepower Hellcrate Redeye crate engine gives any pre-1976 vehicle owner another opportunity to become a member of the Dodge brotherhood of muscle by tapping into the Dodge//SRT power that wasn't available then, but is now.”

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The latest Hellcrate is the fifth Hemi V8 crate engine available to enthusiasts, but it doesn't come cheap. It lists for $21,807 but it's not the most expensive engine offered through Mopar. That honor goes to the bonkers 1,000-hp Hellephant 426 supercharged V8, which checks in just under $30,000. However, the new Hellcrate Redeye is the most expensive and most powerful production-car engine ever offered by the automaker since the Hellephant isn't offered outside of Mopar.

What do you get for that price? Mopar says the Hellcrate Redeye isn't just a tweaked version of the standard Hellcrate engine, which still makes 707 hp and lists for $20,215. It boasts a larger supercharger and a stronger bottom end with a forged alloy steel crankshaft, powder-forged connecting rods, and high-strength pistons. Various cooling and lubrication upgrades are also designed to keep the engine cooler, and as a result of all this, it revs a bit higher to 6,500 RPM.

For those seeking additional plug-and-play convenience, Mopar also offers a Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) kit that adds an alternator, power steering pump, and all the hardware you need to make them work. Flywheel and clutch assemblies for bolting up manual transmissions are also offered.

The new Hellcrate Redeye is available for order now from Mopar and comes with a 90-day warranty.

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