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A new generation of Land Rover Ranger Rover is on the way. While the latest iteration of the iconic model should be plenty big enough for the majority of buyers, some folks are always looking for more room. For customers who really want to stretch out, these spy shots catch the long-wheelbase version under development.

Like in other glimpses of the next-gen Range Rover, it's clear that the designers are not overhauling the look of the new model. The body retains the classic upright proportions of past models. There are notable differences at the front where the headlights appear narrower. Looking at the exterior in profile, the portion of the hatchback below the rear glass seems rounder than the existing Range Rover.

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The new Range Rover (along with the Range Rover Sport) rides on Land Rover's Modular Longitudinal Architecture. It uses a significant amount of aluminum to cut weight in comparison to the current underpinnings.

The new platform also lets the next-gen Range Rover support a wide range of powertrains. The four exhaust pipes on this one lead us to believe it has a V8 under the hood. The engine is likely a version of BMW’s twin-turbo 4.4-liter mill. Diesel, plug-in hybrid, and eventually a fully electric setup should be available, too.

There are no good images of the interior of the new Range Rover yet. Given the model's legacy, it's safe to expect luxury materials. To keep up with the latest premium crossovers, the next-gen model needs cutting-edge tech, too.

Current info suggests the next-gen Range Rover debuts in 2021, likely in the latter part of the year.  Look for it to be on sale for the 2022 model year.

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