We've seen the Avtoros Shaman 8x8 before. It was featured by Top Gear, bestowing us with its monstrosity and post-apocalyptic nature. It can make a Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6 look like a petite machine. It's like when the Hulk stood face-to-face against the Fenris Wolf – but we know how that turned out, but I digress.

But apart from being monstrous by size, and the fact that it has eight wheels almost as tall as human beings, the Shaman 8x8 can actually swim.

Gallery: Avtoros Shaman 8x8

Not literally swim, of course, but it's actually an amphibious vehicle that can float and move around seawater, as seen on this video uploaded by YouTube's Supercar Blondie. We know the Shaman 8x8 was an off-roader, but this pretty much extends the list of places it can go to, stretching the very definition of off-roading.

The eight-wheeled vehicle made driving on Dubai's beach look like a walk in the park. You can also see that the Shaman has eight-wheeled steering, allowing the hefty SUV to almost move sideways on loose sand. It's just bonkers.

Underneath the skin, the Shaman 8x8 isn't as powerful as you'd expect. Its diesel engine can only produce up to 170 horsepower (127 kilowatts), carrying a fuel tank with 68.7 gallons (270 liters) capacity. It can only reach speeds of up to 44 miles per hour (71 kilometers per hour), but with these numbers, it can reach 755 miles (1,215 kilometers) in one full tank of diesel.

Then again, the Shaman won't win any drag race nor can it jump over sand dunes like a Baja racer, but it can go places where zombies and other hydrophobic monsters can't. That's enough for this vehicle to top your post-apocalyptic vehicle shopping list.

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