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When pushing anything to its limits, the chance of catastrophic failure increases. This video from Industrial Injection Diesel Performance offers a perfect example of this phenomenon. The company aims to build a powerplant good for an astronomical 3,000 horsepower (2,237 kilowatts). When the truck hits the dyno to check the output, the run ends in a fireball.

The clip starts with the truck on the dyno belching black smoke into the air. The person behind the wheel increases the engine's revs gradually. When the run really begins, it is a matter of seconds before the engine explodes. The fire doesn't last long, and people nearby respond quickly with extinguishers. 


This wasn't this engine's first run on the dyno for the day. The 2,920 flashing at the bottom of the frame is the previous result. Being so close to the 3,000-hp goal, it's not too hard to understand the temptation to try again and push things a little harder.

Another photo (below) captures the moment of destruction. You can see the upper portion of the engine rising upward and the fireball below it. Everything came apart in a blink of an eye.


The driver incurred some burns on his arm, but there were no other serious injuries from this catastrophic failure. The real casualty is Injection Diesel Performance's highly tuned engine, but it's possible to build another one. Maybe this time, the powerplant can even achieve the 3,000-hp goal.

Judging by Injection Diesel Performance image of this engine before its destruction, this isn't a powerplant you'd ever use on the street. Instead, this beast is a way for the company to show what's possible and what the team is capable of engineering.

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