The exhaust layout could be as polarizing as the nose.

A picture recently popped up on Instagram showing a weird BMW M4 with a different wing and center-mounted stacked exhausts. Now, a photographer going by @audikind has managed to snap a few more photos and shared them to a source of our usual spy pics, including a glimpse at the front.

Our best guess right now is that this is the GTS variant of the new M4. Compared to the standard coupe, this one wears a more aggressive front fascia with even larger inlets in the corners. There's a more prominent splitter below it, too. The side sills also seem to stick out more.

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The vertical elements in the kidney grille might be a little different, too. The styling of this section on the standard M4 flares outward near the top and then tapers inward. This vehicle appears straighter there, but this might simply be a trick of the camouflage or angle of the photos.

At the back, things get weird. Like in the earlier photo, the vehicle has four, center-mounted exhausts in an odd, two-tier arrangement. The pair at the top are closer together than the ones on the lower level. The altered layout also necessitates different styling for the diffuser, and there are extensions that wrap around the bumper.

There's a wing on the back rather than the tiny trunk lid spoiler from the standard M4. It's a fairly skinny piece and has small winglets on each end.

The standard M3 and M4 debut on September 24. Don't look for the GTS to be there, though. Since sales of the regular variants likely don't begin until early 2021, we wouldn't expect BMW to unveil this hotter variant until the middle part of the year at the earliest, and it could easily be later than that.

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