It turns out the reports from January this year were correct. Back then, it was speculated that the Suzuki Jimny would disappear from the European market in its original five-seat passenger form and return as a commercial vehicle. Fast forward to present day and the automaker is actually bringing a two-seat Jimny to the market in some countries on the Old Continent.

The Jimny light commercial vehicle comes with “a large luggage compartment with a flat floor and safety cargo partition” which are said to be perfect for small businesses. However, the truth is the new version is the model's only chance for surviving as it will be classified as a commercial vehicle. This segment has significantly lower emission restrictions in Europe compared to regular cars.

Gallery: 2020 Suzuki Jimny LCV

This fact easily explains why the new Jimny LCV has “the same authentic, uncompromising off-roading performance” like the standard four-seat Jimny. Suzuki explains the off-roader continues to ride on a ladder frame and to feature the company’s Allgrip-Pro part-time 4WD system with low range transfer gear. 

The absence of rear seats opens up a huge cargo compartment with up to 30.47 cu-ft (863 liters) of capacity, 1.16 cu-ft (33 liters) more than the passenger Jimny when the rear seats are folded down. There’s also a new safety partition that protects cargoes from moving into the cabin and separates the cargo area from the front seats.

There are no changes under the hood where there’s still a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine delivering 100 horsepower (75 kilowatts). Measured by Europe’s WLTP standards, the Jimny LCV returns 173 grams of CO2 per kilometer which is way above the continent’s non-commercial light vehicle standards, which easily explains the off-roader's move to the LCV segment.

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