Back in June, the Honda Civic Type R gets an assortment of Mugen accessories that could fulfill any boy-racer fantasies. The red-badged Civic is already a wildly designed hot hatch in itself, but its Mugen accessories take that styling even further.

But if you have a regular Civic Hatchback, Mugen also has something in store for you – from exterior kits to performance upgrades up to interior bits that can increase the appeal of your car. Introducing, the Mugen-dressed Civic Hatchback from Japan.

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The Mugen kits are available for both the facelifted and pre-facelift Civic Hatchback models. For exterior styling and aerodynamics, a carbon front grille garnish that covers the standard front grille and rear diffuser are available, as well as front-under, side, and rear-under spoilers. A wing spoiler can also be installed on top of the tailgate.

Apart from the kits, Mugen also offers LED taillights with various configurations to set your Civic apart from the rest. You may wish to install carbon fiber side mirror covers for added pizzazz.

As for the exhaust, Mugen's inspired by the aircraft nozzle shapes and offers a sports exhaust system that uses a dual hexagonal finisher, to be installed at the center of the rear bumper.

There are two sets of wheels available with differing finishes – both 19 inches in size and made with aluminum alloy. You could choose to partner these rims with special lug nuts, sold separately. Even better, you can buy these Mugen wheels and equip them to your Civic sedan. Mugen Type S brake pads and upgraded brake rotor are also available for better controllability and fade resistance.

Inside, Mugen offers Civic Type R steering wheel made from dry carbon fiber, as well as a full bucket seat MS-R and a quick shifter. Various sports mats are also on offer.

Mugen employs various pricing for its kits, which include sets. You can view the full pricing on Mugen's special microsite specially made for the Civic Hatchback.

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