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The Ford Bronco is the first legitimate competitor to the Jeep Wrangler in quite a while. A new pamphlet uncovered by the Bronco 6G forum offers a glimpse into how Jeep salespeople are preparing to sell their off-roader against the new one from the Blue Oval.

What's not currently clear is whether this document is from FCA on a corporate level or if the pages come from a dealer (or dealers) helping the salesforce counter buyers who ask questions about the Bronco. reached out to FCA, and we were told: "We aren't commenting on this."

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The first page includes some barebones info about the Bronco. The main focus is the Wrangler's heritage. The pamphlet notes how the Bronco is returning after years away from the market, while Jeep is stalwart in this segment for decades.

The next page digs deeper into what sets the Wrangler apart. Some things like the availability of a diesel engine, fold-down windshield, optional power top, and having more deal-available accessories seem like legitimate selling points.

2021 Ford Bronco from the side with whole roof removed
2018 Jeep Wrangler

Other elements are much more subjective, though. For example, the pamphlet notes the Wrangler's beltline being lower and says this leads to better outward visibility. While this might be true, only sitting in both vehicles would prove whether this is actually the case. Also, judging by photos, the difference between the height of the two beltlines doesn't appear to be very much.

It's also arguable whether the Jeep's mirrors staying with the doors when removing them is a positive thing or not. On one hand, this pamphlet is right that not having the mirrors makes the Wrangler narrower when off-roading. However, plenty of folks want to ride with the doors off on the street, and retaining the mirrors means better visibility in the Bronco.

The pamphlet highlights the Wrangler 392 Concept, too. While all indications suggest Jeep intends to build the V8-powered model, the launch date is a complete mystery. There's no sign that it would be on sale when the Bronco arrives next year, though.

The document shows the advantages of the Wrangler's solid front axle versus the Bronco's independent suspension when off-roading. On the road, the Ford's layout might be better for drivers, especially since it isn't susceptible to possible death wobble like the Wrangler.

If Jeep is trying this hard to fight against the Bronco before the Ford even goes on sale, the fight between them should be fascinating when customers are actually cross-shopping them. The intense competition should mean good things for buyers, though, because both automakers want to have the most successful entry in the segment.

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